NBA want to vaccinate players against COVID-19 to raise awareness in community

NBA Adam Silver confirmed idea

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar en el momento de recibir la vacuna
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar en el momento de recibir la vacuna

The NBA are ready and waiting to begin the vaccination of players against COVID-19, with the league believing that being able to do so would help raise awareness in the community and be a positive influence on the vaccine’s uptake.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who has previously said the league would not try to use its status to get priority access for vaccines, has confirmed talks have taken place and he is keen to use the NBA‘s status to educate and reassure the population.

“There have been discussions about it. It’s something we’re very focused on,” said Silver.

“In the African American community, there’s been an enormously disparate impact from COVID.

“But now, somewhat perversely, there’s been enormous resistance [to vaccinations] in the African American community for understandable historical reasons.”

Silver hopes to use the NBA‘s influence to encourage the general public, particularly the African American community, to accept the vaccine, which is so important.

“If that resistance continues it would be very much a double whammy to the black community because the only way out of this pandemic is to get vaccinated,” said Silver.

Vaccines for athletes are not imminent, however, with Silver insisting that it will only happen if “public health officials determine on balance it was the right time”.

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