New symptom of COVID-19 discovered in Great Britain

Coronavirus Tongue pattern can show infection

New symptom of COVID-19 discovered in Great Britain

The World Health Organisation, along with most governments the world over, had thought they had detected all of the symptoms of COVID-19, yet a new sign of the infection has been discovered in Great Britain.

Whilst initially reported as a cough, fever, tiredness and breathing difficulties, COVID-19 quickly presented more symptoms, most notably a loss of both taste and smell.

Almost a year has passed with those signs being considered the major indicators of being infected with the virus, yet epidemiologist Tim Spector believes there is another new sign.

It’s being labelled as ‘COVID tongue‘, with a skin erosion on the tongue appearing to be a sign of infection.

A skin erosion and strange ulcers on someone’s tongue has been presented as a new sign of the virus, although Spector acknowledges it is one of the more rarely seen ones.

“One in five people with COVID still present less common symptoms that aren’t featured on the official list, such as skin rashes,” Spector posted on Twitter.

“If you have a strange symptom or even just a headache and fatigue, stay at home.”

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