No MLS move for Messi

According to a recent report from Marca, Lionel Messi will not be making his way over to Major League Soccer immediately after leaving Barcelona.

While Messi will no longer be a member of Barca’s first team squad, as was confirmed yesterday, that doesn’t automatically mean he’s going to make his way over to the MLS. That was always seen as a distinct possibility for his future but instead, he appears to be on the verge of joining French giants Paris Saint-Germain.


Messi will forever be remembered as a legend in the hearts and minds of Barcelona supporters across the globe and that will be the case when he seemingly inevitably goes to the MLS. Alas, while the United States probably can’t wait to see him tear it up on the world stage for them, it’s going to be a few more years before he’s done thriving on the European level.

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