Odegaard, you have come to Real Madrid in tears

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Odegaard, you have come to Real Madrid in tears

You have to come to Real Madrid in tears. It’s great that your name is Martintxo, but being christened ChaMartin Odegaard is a bit of a challenge for you, my dear Nordic.

Go ahead, you’ve played well. Very good. At Real Sociedad, of course. At Real Madrid, too. Even if it was only in a few episodes.

Go ahead and understand Zinedine Zidane‘s flight to nowhere with indecipherable decisions.

But getting off the boat at the first setback seems more like an exit through the back door that doesn’t suit you.

We live too fast. We are too eager and we have got used to not suffering.

I’m sure Zidane promised you a paradise last summer that he can’t give you right now. Surely there are reasons to think that the Frenchman is not being neither fair, nor equable, nor right to prioritise and give so many minutes to the best midfield in the club’s history at a time when the performances and results were unstable to say the least, but to always hide behind the easy target, i.e. Zidane‘s arse, is to kick in the wrong place.

Zidane has wanted to protect Odegaard. And in his moment of greater loneliness and weakness, the Norwegian becomes the salmon and swims against the current returning home. Laws of nature, they say.

But in football other laws prevail. If you don’t break down the door, you cry.

And you have to come to Real Madrid in tears.

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