Paolo Maldini: Theo Hernandez was lost when AC Milan signed him

Serie A Spoke about the success of the team

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Theo Hernandez
Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Theo Hernandez

Legendary defender Paolo Maldini, who is now AC Milan‘s technical director, has reviewed some of the keys to the club’s good season, one of which has been the excellent performances of Theo Hernandez.

Maldini has explained that the left-back wasn’t in the best state of mind when he arrived from Real Madrid.

“He had already won the Champions League with Real Madrid, but he was a little lost,” Maldini told BeIN Sports.

“When I spoke with him I didn’t hear anything they said about him.

“I found a sensitive boy who wanted to work. I believed in him, the club believed in him.

“It was the most expensive purchase with Rafael Leao last year. His response on the pitch has been exceptional.

“I think he should be a starter in the French team. He is excellent for AC Milan.”

Maldini went on to talk about the squad in general, which has many young players.

“Our team is one of the youngest in Italy and Europe,” he said.

“All of us who have played football know that young players need time.

“That is why we signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic last winter, to take control of this team.”

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