Poirier bounces back and defeats McGregor by knockout in the second round

McGregor vs Poirier | UFC 257 Revenge for defeat in 2014

Poirier bounces back and defeats McGregor by knockout in the second round

Dustin Poirier has taken revenge on Conor McGregor by defeating him through technical knockout. The Irishman claimed victory over Poirier in just 106 seconds in 2014.

McGregor, who hadn’t been in the octagon since January 2020, didn’t have enough despite being in control for periods of the fight. This was his first defeat by knockout in his career.

Poirier landed a few strong punches in the first round, but in the second, with McGregor on top, the US fighter connected with a big punch which completely destabilised his opponent, sending him to the canvas.

McGregor had predicted that he’d win the fight in just 60 seconds, but this was far from the truth.

With just two fights since 2016 – against Khabib Nurmagomedov and Donald Cerrone and the boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr – the Irishman paid the price for his lack of competitive fighting.

There were moments which reminded us all of the dominant fighter McGregor once was. Poirier seemed to be on the ropes at times, but was lethal when it mattered most.

When Poirier connected the punch that really threw McGregor off his stride, he could relly smell blood. Having some of the fastest hands in UFC, he pummelled McGregor and, to everyone’s surprise, finally sent him to the ground.

After the fight “The Diamond” spoke of how he felt this could be a defining fight.

“If Khabib isn’t going to come back, I think this was a championship fight”, said Poirier.

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