Police identify boxer Gervonta Davis as driver in hit-and-run

Boxing Left a Lamborghini behind

Police identify boxer Gervonta Davis as driver in hit-and-run

On November 5, 2020, Gervonta Davis, a boxing champion in two divisions, was the alleged driver in a hit-and-run which injured three people.

The boxer from the United States is Baltimore police’s chief suspect but no formal charge has been made and the investigation remains open.

The working theory is that Davis was at the wheel of a Lamborghini Urus 2020, shortly before his 26th birthday, with two friends when the vehicle jumped a stop light and collided with another car.

The driver and passengers of the Lamborghini ran off on foot, while the four occupants of the other vehicle were taken to hospital, one with serious injuries.

The Lamborghini, without license plates, in which Davis was identified as driving on the same night has previously been seen driving by him, and this is is what has led the police to his name.

A forensics team has been to work on the car and it remains to be seen if evidence will be found to confirm the suspicion that Davis is guilty of the crime.

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