Ramos’ renewal at any cost

Real Madrid player Sergio Ramos.
Real Madrid player Sergio Ramos.

It had been assumed for a long time that Sergio Ramos’ renewal would lead to problems for Real Madrid. The club know their captain and the background, which is why they also know that things will end well.

A year and a half ago, with a contract in place and a release clause of 800 million euros, the centre-back asked Florentino Perez to let him leave for free because he had a good offer from China. The president refused.

That happened at the end of May 2019, but it dragged on from a fight between the two on the night that Ajax eliminated Real Madrid from the Champions League in March. Sergio didn’t leave, and then gave a press conference full of contradictions in which he said “I would play here for free”.

But the strange relationship between the president and captain goes back even further. In the summer of 2015, Iker Casillas traumatically left, and Ramos’ renewal was negotiated. Some at the club believe that he took advantage of the club’s situation at the time, and used an offer from Manchester United to get a significant pay rise.

A few years on, the situation is different. Ramos is considered Real Madrid‘s best ever centre-back and his excellent performances at almost 35 years of age have earned him a renewal. But that age is something that has to be considered, and the club are willing to make a concession on their policy and offer him a two-year contract, which has been earned with his performances and not his past.

However much you support Sergio Ramos, he earned no less than 13 million euros net a year and is almost 35, which is a something that has to be thought twice about, particularly as a result of the pandemic. Football in 2021 isn’t the same as football in 2015.

Sergio Ramos is part of Real Madrid history and, whatever happens, he always will be. A renewal will come, but creating a soap opera every time it comes to a renewal, threatening the club, and hypothetical million euro offers aren’t things that do his image any good. Of course, he’s free to fight for the best pay possible and to not want to take a 10 percent pay cut. After 16 years at Real Madrid he should already be clear that he doesn’t have to do it in any way and at any cost.

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