Real Madrid ask Alcoyano for a list of the shirts they want to swap

Alcoyano vs Real Madrid In Copa del Rey clash

Alcoyano - Real Madrid Copa del Rey Camisetas
Chema ReyMARCA

Real Madrid have decided to turn the traditional shirt-swaps after games into a COVID-19 free process with the help of Alcoyano.

Ahead of Wednesday’s Copa del Rey game between the two sides, Los Blancos are aware that players of the Segunda B side would ask for memorabilia after the end of the duel.

Hence, they requested Alcoyano to provide them with a list of the shirts that their players would swap after the encounter to immortalise the moment they got to face the LaLiga Santander champions.

The match against Real Madrid is of great importance for the Segunda B club, with their president prohibiting their players from training at their own ground so that the pitch will be in perfect condition to host Zinedine Zidane‘s men.

In fact, Alcoyano have not set foot at the Estadio El Collao since they knocked out Huesca in the previous Copa del Rey round two weeks ago.

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