Ridiculed when revealing his dream of playing with Ronaldo… this Japanese kid is close to making it

Football The Juventus forward stood by the youngster

La respuesta de Cristiano cuando se ‘burlan’ del portugués de un niño japonés: “¿Por qué se ríen? ”

Ryota Iwaoka made the news for the first time in 2014, when, aged 12, he had the opportunity to meet with and ask a question of his idol Cristiano Ronaldo.

It was during an event that the Japanese youngster was mocked by the audience after revealing that his dream was to play alongside the Portuguese superstar in the future.

Since then, Iwaoka worked hard to reach his goal and has led his team, Yamanashi Gakuin, all the way to success in the ‘All Japan High School Soccer Tournament’, the most prestigious under-18 championship in Japan.

“Good afternoon, my name is Ryota,” was his first phrase to introduce himself in Portuguese to Ronaldo back in 2014.

“My dream is to be a football player and have the pleasure of playing with you one day.

“What should I do to achieve that goal?”

When people from the audience laughed at the kid, Ronaldo reacted and stood by the Japanese.

“Why are they laughing?” asked Ronaldo.

“Why? He speaks Portuguese well, very well.

“They should be happy because he is trying so hard.

“Faith, effort and never let an opportunity pass.”

After winning the high school tournament, Iwaoka recalled Ronaldo‘s advice in a video that has gone viral in Japan.

Cristiano‘s advice has always been on my mind,” he stated.

Meanwhile, he took to social media to thank his friends for the support he has been given.

“I was able to win the championship!” he wrote.

“For the last few years, especially this last one, I have had a lot of pain [injuries].

“Still, there was a person who supported me and he has been here.

“I am very happy to have the best friends from all over the country. Thank you for your great support!”

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