Rousaud, the candidate who promised Haaland, won’t become Barcelona’s president

FC Barcelona – La Liga Retired from the race in tears

Rousaud in tears
Rousaud in tears

Emili Rousaud has announced that he has retired from the electoral race and will not stand for the Barcelona presidency.

The former Barcelona vice-president revealed during his campaign that he had reached an agreement in principal to sign Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland if he was elected president.

Rousaud explained that the majority of his campaign’s members voted against joining Toni Freixa‘s candidacy.

He also denounced a “dirty war” in the electoral race after a form for another candidate – Agusti Benedito – was discovered among his forms.

“It was a day of impressive dignity because, to my surprise, the majority decision was against joining another campaign,” said Rousaud.

“We cannot tolerate the dirty war and we prefer to stay out.

“Our sporting and economic proposals were the best.”

Rousaud also explained that he has yet to decide which candidate he will vote for, but he has made clear that he is not fond of Joan Laporta‘s financial proposal because it could lead to the club’s privatisation.

The former Barcelona vice-president was aware that he was not among the frontrunners to win the upcoming elections and isn’t ruling out that some members of his campaign could form part of another.

The remaining three candidates are Laporta, Freixa and Victor Font.

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