Rummenigge: Messi’s salary? I laughed…

FC Barcelona – La Liga Bayern chairman has his say

Rummenigge: Messi's salary? I laughed... I can only congratulate him for that

Lionel Messi‘s eye-watering Barcelona contract has sparked plenty of discussion, debate and even laughter, as was the case with Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Speaking about the deal, the Bayern chief could only sit back and applaud Messi for landing such good terms.

“I laughed… I can only congratulate him because he managed to get such an astronomical contract,” said Rummenigge in an interview with Corriere dello Sport.

“In the last ten years we have all made mistakes because we have spent increasingly more on players and agents.

“The pandemic has shown we need to take a step back and return to a more sensible model. I hope it’s possible, but it won’t be easy.”

Rummenigge mused on some possible solutions, including a salary cap.

“Maybe it would be a good idea, but in 2008 with [Michel] Platini as UEFA president and [Gianni] Infantino as Secretary General, we went to Brussels to see if it was possible,” said Rummenigge.

“The politicians always told us that we’d be going against European law.

“Perhaps now is the right time to try it again and correct what we have been doing in the last ten years.”

He also spoke positively about UEFA’s potential reforms to the Champions League.

“It would be much more impressive and lively than the current group stage, which can often be boring,” said Rummenigge.

“It would be tougher to qualify and more special.”

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