Sarah Fuller invited to Joe Biden’s inauguration

NFL First woman to feature in men’s college football

Sarah Fuller, jugadora de los
Sarah Fuller, jugadora de los

Sarah Fuller broke new ground when she made her college football debut back in November, and she has now been invited to Joe Biden’s Presidential inauguration on Wednesday, January 20.

She became the first ever female to play in the NCAA men’s category when the Vanderbilt Commodores had run out of kickers due to COVID-19.

In December she also became the first woman to ever score a point in college football, and her achievements have been recognised by the incoming president.

“It’s an honour to be invited to participate in one of America’s greatest traditions,” Fuller posted on social media.

The attendance of the event has been drastically reduced from what we saw back in 2008 when Barack Obama was inaugurated, although that is due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the threat of violence from disenfranchised Donald Trump supporters who continue to believe the election was stolen, even with no evidence, at all. None.

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