SpongeBob becomes the star of the NFL playoffs

NFL Nickelodeon broadcast New Orleans Saints vsChicago Bears

SpongeBob becomes the star of the NFL playoffs

If the NFL want to increase the number of followers they have, then it would make sense to think about targeting children.

That appears to be what they did over the weekend, as a playoff game was broadcast on Nickelodeon, in addition to CBS, the traditional home of American football since 1956.

Nickelodeon wanted to add a special touch to the event, so they included a number of animations throughout.

For example, a huge image of SpongeBob SquarePants‘ face would appear between the posts every time a team kicked a field goal, as well as including the channel’s famous slime.

The slime was poured over Saints coach Sean Payton, who promised to let himself be soaked if his team won.

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