Sprewell asks for 35,000 dollars to save his granddaughter’s life

NBA Ex-NBA star squandered 100-million-dollar fortune

Sprewell asks for 35,000 dollars to save his granddaughter's life

In one of the more heart-wrenching tales of the week, former Minnesota Timberwolves star Latrell Sprewell has been forced to ask for donations to raise 35,000 dollars to save his granddaughter’s life.

For one reason or another, the near 100-million-dollar fortune that Sprewell amassed during his playing career has been squandered, and his total assets now stand at roughly 50,000 dollars.

His granddaughter, who is just one year old, has been diagnosed with Leukaemia, which has led Sprewell to start a GoFundMe page to try and raise the 35,000 dollars necessary to cover her medical bills and travel to receive her treatment.

In a message on the page, the former NBA star confirmed that every single cent donated to the cause will be used to try and cure the little girl.

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