Steve Bruce on COVID-19 outbreak: Morally it’s wrong to play

Premier League Cases increasing among players

Steve Bruce
Steve Bruce

The Premier League has registered 40 positive COVID-19 cases this week compared to the 18 they announced last week and Newcastle coach Steve Bruce believes that it’s morally wrong to continue playing.

Four Premier League games have already been postponed, while Aston Villa and Derby County will have to line up U23 and U18 players for their FA Cup matches against Liverpool and Chorley, respectively.

“Financially it is right to play, but morally it is wrong,” noted Bruce. “I’m no doctor but there are so many symptoms. Even after it’s left you it can cause big problems.

“I see other clubs are struggling with it as well. The whole country is, and we are no different to anyone else.

“There are wonderful protocols put in place but when we leave the training ground you have to go to the big outside world.

“We are the lucky ones, providing entertainment that people can tune into and watch. But there will come a stage though when we have to make a decision.

“Two or three weeks ago we didn’t think we would be like we are today having record numbers and record deaths – and we are carrying on.

“There will come a time when I’m sure the big question will be asked. Even though all the protocols have been fantastic, we are not immune to this disease because we are footballers.”

Newcastle were the first team to have a Premier League match suspended this season due to COVID-19.

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