The image that shocked Argentina: A player’s leg is destroyed… and no card shown

Argentina Brian Medina suffered the horrific injury

The image that shocked Argentina: A player's leg is destroyed... and no card shown

The Argentinian fourth tier clash between Ituzaingo and Real Pilar saw one of the most horrific challenges the game has ever seen.

In a league where harsh tackles are commonplace, Brian Medina was on the receiving end of a brutal challenge which left him with a nasty cut, and the Real Pilar player who committed the foul wasn’t even booked for it.

Even though the ball was there to be won, the evidence was incriminating, and Medina had to leave the field in an ambulance.

The match ended in a goalless draw and Medina’s Ituzaingo won on penalties.

“Luckily I’m fine, with more than 25 stitches in the thigh, but happy for qualifying,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

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