The keys to Poirier’s win over McGregor

The keys to Poirier's win over McGregor

Dustin Poirier dealt Conor McGregor the first knockout of his UFC career in their highly anticipated rematch on Saturday night.

The Notorious had come out of retirement for the third time for the fight, but many were surprised to see the American prevail.

These were the keys to Poirier‘s victory.

Given that McGregor always tries to win the fight in the early stages of the contest, Poirier did well to resist his opponent’s pressure and even knocked him to the floor.

Poirier wasn’t flustered by McGregor early on and limited him in his combinations, making the American’s life a whole lot easier in the octogen.

Poirier‘s defence was particularly on point, especially against McGregor‘s shoulder hits.

Low kicks are often an underrated part of fighters’ game plan, but they were key to Poirier‘s win over McGregor.

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