The most powerful strikers you can pair up in FUT 22

FIFA 22 is all about scoring goals, so if you want to be successful, you better come up with a dominant strike force capable of finding the back of the net against any defender.

Evaluating your options has never been as important as it is in FIFA 22 because of the all-new HyperMotion technology, which makes individual players feel more like their real-life selves thanks to updated motion capture techniques.


You’ve got to figure out the best strike force to suit your playstyle, and here are some duos to consider.

Timo Werner, Romelu Lukaku

Werner & Lukaku have a bit of everything / Robin Jones/GettyImages

What makes the partnership of Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner so deadly is that they can score all sorts of goals.

If you’re focused on speed and agility, then you’ll love Werner’s 91 pace and 82 dribbling, but if you prefer a slower, more methodical approach, Lukaku’s 95 strength, 87 shooting and 74 passing will be perfect for you.

Little and Large has been a popular approach for managers across the globe for years now, and Lukaku and Werner are the perfect example of that.

Kylian Mbappe, Anthony Martial

France have some dangerous forwards / FRANCK FIFE/GettyImages

There’s not a lot Kylian Mbappe can’t do, but his standout attribute is his 97 pace. Add his 92 shooting into the mix, and you’ll see that your best chance of success with the Paris Saint-Germain star is by sprinting at defences and trying to beat your man.

Playing him alongside another speedster could be deadly, and that’s where Anthony Martial comes in.

The Manchester United man isn’t as quick, but his 87 pace is still higher than most, and with his 85 dribbling, he’d make an excellent sidekick to Mbappe.

Inaki Williams

Williams is a dominant striker / Quality Sport Images/GettyImages

Inaki Williams’ card is just scary. You’re not supposed to have 94 pace, 82 strength and a 6’1 frame, but that’s all part of the Spaniard’s appeal.

Pairing him up with Atletico Madrid’s Luis Suarez would be deadly, but for a cheaper alternative, try the Uruguayan’s namesake who plays for Granada.

The 77-rated striker comes with his own 6’1 frame and brings a terrifying combination of 86 pace, 83 finishing and 81 strength.

Luuk de Jong

De Jong is on loan at Barcelona / Denis Doyle/GettyImages

Heading is a great way to score goals in FIFA 22, and that’s what makes a potential partnership of Luuk de Jong and Leonardo Pavoletti so intriguing.

Both strikers have a whopping 93 heading. No other gold strikers can match that.

Pairing them up might be tricky – De Jong is a Dutchman in Spain, while Italian Pavoletti is playing in his homeland – so strong links to your wingers or midfielders may be the way to go with this little experiment.

Moussa Marega

Marega’s qualities are well-known / FAYEZ NURELDINE/GettyImages

If you’re looking for cheap winners, look no further than the Saudi Pro League, where you’ll find a dominant duo of Moussa Marega and Talisca.

The former Porto man is no stranger to most FIFA players. His 87 pace and 89 physicality give him the tools to beat absolutely any defender on the game – there’s a reason he’s a popular super sub.

Talisca is the taller of the two, standing at 6’3, but he feels far more fluid than you’d expect from someone of that build. Add in 80 pace, 83 shooting and 81 passing, and you’ve got the perfect partner for Marega.

Erling Haaland, Robert Lewandowski

The Bundesliga’s scariest duo / Pool/GettyImages

We’ll end with the ultimate dream duo. Pairing up Erling Haaland and Robert Lewandowski is exactly what Ultimate Team is all about.

Two of the game’s top strikers just so happen to have a weak link between them, making it incredibly easy to build a team around them. Either go full Bundesliga or find some strong links and build up a hybrid. The possibilities are endless.

You shouldn’t need any convincing as to why these two are worthy of a spot in your team, but if you do, maybe their finishing stats – 95 for Lewandowski and 94 for Haaland – will do the trick?

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