The mystery of the Jordan Diors at Biden’s inauguration: Whose were they?

Inauguration day 2021 The most sought-after trainers of 2020

The mystery of the Jordan Diors at Biden's inauguration: Whose were they?

The coronavirus meant that the guest list for Joe Biden’s inauguration was smaller than it would have otherwise been, but his guests still managed to cause a stir on social media.

During senator Amy Klobuchar’s speech, a pair of Nike Air Jordan Diors were spotted in the background, them being the most sought-after trainers of 2020.

Their spotting led to an explosion of excitement and speculation online as to who was wearing them.

Their owner proved to be none other than Nikolas Ajagu, Kamala Harris’ son-in-law.

Meena Harris, Nikolas’ wife, confirmed it on Twitter and was shocked to see how much of a stir her husband’s shoes had caused.

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