The Sevilla ball boy who frustrated Ter Stegen: You are not here to talk

FC Barcelona – La Liga Referee had to intervene at half time

Sevilla vs Barcelona

An adult Sevilla ball boy was complaining to the referee Mateu Lahoz during the first half of the game against Barcelona in the Copa del Rey.

The Sevilla employee was situated at the stands behind Marc-Andre ter Stegen‘s goal, who opened a dialogue with the man and asked him to stop shouting.

“Stop talking,” said the German goalkeeper. “Show some respect.

“You are not here to talk. You are here to do your job.”

The Sevilla employee didn’t hold his tongue and replied to the Barcelona goalkeeper.

“I will stop because you say so,” the ball boy said ironically.

“I am not talking, I’ve only asked for a yellow card. I am not going to shut up.”

After seeing the incident, referee Lahoz also approached the ball boy to remind him what his job was.

“Please do me a favour,” Lahoz told the ball boy.

“When the ball goes there [to the stands], that’s when you get into the game to send the ball back.

“That’s your job, ok?”

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