The stunning rainbow captured from outer space

Space Photographed from International Space Station

The stunning rainbow captured from outer space

A Russian astronaut has captured quite remarkable footage of a rainbow from up in space.

Sergey Kud-Sverchkov, posted at the International Space Station (ISS), shared a picture of the phenomenon from his position above the Earth.

The image shows the combined optical effect of the northern lights, the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere and the sunrise, with the Milky Way and the ISS in the back and foreground, respectively.

We see rainbows on earth when the sun’s rays interact with water droplets, refracting light towards whoever is looking at it.

To see a rainbow in outer space is quite rare given the certain specific atmospheric conditions that have to all come together.

This rainbow was captured above the Karmic line, which is 100 kilometres above sea level and which defines the point at which Earth’s atmosphere ends and space starts.

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