The time when Verstappen’s father smacked him on the head as motivation

Formula 1 When he was starting out

Max and Jos Verstappen.
Max and Jos Verstappen.

Motorsport was in Max Verstappen‘s blood as his father Jos Verstappen spent several years in Formula 1.

At one point, when Max was a kid getting started in the world of karting, his father turned to violence to motivate his son.

“I was driving like a potato, I swear, I was really bad,” Max stated as he recalled that incident in a discssion with David Coulthard for CarNext, before Jos continued.

“I said ‘what is he doing?’ so I called him in,” his father said. “He came back. I really smashed him on his helmet, bang! He was like ‘wow’.”

Jos y Max Verstappen.

Max picked up the story again.

“All the mechanics were like ‘what happened there?'” the Red Bull driver recalled.

“I said ‘here, it’s the world championships and I think we can win it’,” his father then added.

That’s exactly what happened as he went on to win at all levels of the event, with Max now considering that incident as “a nice wake-up call”.

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