They don’t even allow Real Madrid, or Zidane, the right to cry

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They can’t even cry now, it’s like that. After Xavi Hernandez spent a decade giving out an agricultural degree on how a football pitch should be and how many millimetres there should be and how much it should be watered, now we’ve reached the next level. We’re taking the module of how to play on a frozen pitch.

It’s true that many of the things that happen to Real Madrid aren’t bad, but the strategy of letting others speak hasn’t worked. Silence is consensus.

Real Madrid flew to Pamplona against their wishes and played at El Sadar against their wishes. They couldn’t even play it at the desired time, as happened with Barcelona in the famous match against Osasuna that was delayed because of a strike. The reality is that Barcelona have always had that luck. Let’s call it that. They were able to start a match at 20:50 when it was due to start at 20:00. They weren’t punished when they turned up with just 10 players for a cup semi-final. There was also the illegal line-up that included Chumi against Levante. Ask Denis Cheryshev about that.

They don’t allow Real Madrid, or in this case Zinedine Zidane, the right to even cry. He can’t speak about referees, about VAR, about money, about TV or about snow. They demand that he only speaks about how bad his team played in the goalless draw with Osasuna, which is true. But, given what we’ve seen, perhaps the best option for Zidane would have been to say that he might not coach a match on a frozen pitch like that next season. They’d end up signing Kylian Mbappe for him.

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