Thomas Frank on Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg’s ‘impressive’ Tottenham development

Brentford head coach Thomas Frank has hailed Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg’s ‘impressive’ growth at Tottenham during a tumultuous time for the club.

Frank coached Hojbjerg with the Danish youth teams during the 2010s, overseeing his transition from an attacking midfielder to a defensive one.


Hojbjerg’s Spurs host Frank’s Brentford on Thursday, and the Bees boss has hailed how his former player has blossomed since making the switch to north London.

“I think since he went to Tottenham from day one he’s performed well, but also throughout for two years I think he’s just kept growing,” Frank told a press conference.

“And I think he came to Tottenham in a spell where it wasn’t as fluid and successful as it was for the previous three or four years. That always makes it a bit more difficult. In that context I think it’s very impressive how he’s performed, constantly putting an extra layer in his game.

“I clearly remember I was the Under-17 and Under-19 coach for him. I remember I think coaching an Under-16 game, and after that game against Hungary I thought ‘hmm, you can be a world-class number six’.

“But he was a ten back then and needed to understand the defensive side of the game and he’s developed that.”

Frank detailed the extensve list of qualities that make Hojbjerg one of the best in his position in the Premier League, but believes he can still improve at the age of 26.

“I think technically he’s got every pass in him. He’s so composed, you can’t take the ball from him. Physically strong, covers a lot of ground, winning his duels, unbelievable character, mentality, leadership,” he added.

“I think he’s got everything in him to grow and raise his game to a higher level.”

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