Thomas Partey compares Simeone and Arteta

Premier League Spoke about how they’ve helped him

Arteta, Thomas and Simeone.
Arteta, Thomas and Simeone.

Former Atletico Madrid midfielder Thomas Partey is still adjusting to life in London with Arsenal, but also to a new coach.

Having worked closely with Diego Simeone, he’s now experiencing a different approach under Mikel Arteta, though he clearly respects his former coach as he spoke about his influence on his career.

“For me personally, he helped me a lot, he made me mentally stronger,” he told Stadium Astro.

“You have to be ready to play in any position, I remember when he put me at right-back, I wasn’t happy but it was the only opportunity I had to play so I had to accept it, train and be prepared, he taught me a lot.”

That differed somewhat to his new coach at Arsenal.

“Mikel is helping me a lot, at Atletico I played in a similar position, there the system isn’t the same and you have to be positioned well to press your marker,” he explained.

“Here Mikel is helping me a lot, because I remember that he told me that I didn’t have to be in the same line and in front of the defence.

“You have time to be able to do what you want, and that’s incredible, it’s just as important when your team-mates have the ball, knowing who you’re in line with and who not.

“This way of playing is helping me a lot.”

However, comparing both is a difficult task.

“I think both have the same mentality, which is to win, both want to have control,” he analysed.

“Here we always press high, from the first minute to the last, at Atletico sometimes you have to wait for rivals to move to get them on the counter.”

Partey also addressed the recent arrival of Real Madrid loanee Martin Odegaard.

“It’s difficult to play against him, he’s very intelligent, very quick on the ball, he doesn’t give you the chance to take it off him,” he said.

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