Tiger Woods: The infidelities that led to his downfall

Golf HBO documentary delves into personal life

Tiger Woods at the Masters in 2019.
Tiger Woods at the Masters in 2019.

The story of Tiger Woods can be written one thousand different ways, yet a new HBO documentary will delve into the personal life of perhaps the most naturally talented golfer of all time, shedding light on the infidelities which caused his temporary professional downfall.

The documentary, entitled TIGER, will air episodes on January 11 and January 18, and it analyses various episodes which have taken place in the life of Tiger Woods.

There is a retrospective look at the ruthless attack on Woods by the president of the Augusta National back in 2010, then Billy Payne.

“He has disappointed us all, and more importantly, our children and grandchildren,” Payne declared.

According to Thomas Bonk, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Payne wouldn’t have publicly denounced and humiliated one of the white golfing champions in the same manner.

The documentary points towards Earl Woods, the golfer’s father, as the person who set him up for sporting success, but at the same time also personal failure.

In the documentary, a friend of Earl‘s discusses the infidelities that his father actually committed, implying that the behaviour of Woods Jr was merely inherited.

There are further characters who feel damaged by Woods, such as Steve Williams, his old caddy, who more or less says he lied to him, or even Dina Parr, Woods’ high school girlfriend, who blames the breakup of their relationship on his parents who didn’t want her interfering with his career.

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