Tru’s miracle

Tru's miracle

Tru Beare was born 14 weeks early and weighed just 350 grams, whilst the normal weight of a new-born is over three kilograms, yet her miracle story has been told with the child now four years old.

Being so premature she needed all kinds of medical aids in order for her organs to develop properly, she wasn’t able to be held by her mother until she was 11 weeks old.

However, the fight to live wasn’t over for the young Canadian, as she began to have more complications such as diseases, blood clots, chronic lung problems, MRSA, two separate blood infections and one congenital heart defect.

The little girl lived through an almost endless ordeal and even had to undergo seven blood transfusions.

Yet, incredibly, Tru won every single one of those battles, conjuring up the human spirit that most of us can only imagine.

She left the incubator after 71 days, and would remain in hospital for four months before she went home with her family for the first time.

Fast forward to 2021, where she has accomplished the impossible, she has grown to be a healthy, strong and vibrant four-year-old and even has a little sister named Faith.

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