Twenty-one runners freeze to death during mountain race in China

There has been a tragedy in the 100-kilometre ultramarathon in the Yellow River Stone Forest as severe weather hit suddenly, killing 21 runners.

High winds and freezing rain hit the sit in the Gansu province, with temperatures rapidly plummeting to zero degrees on Saturday night.

It’s the biggest tragedy in the history of ultrarunning, and it also took the life of elite Chinese runner Jing Liang, who had won this race three times before.

There were 172 participants in the event, with some having withdrawn early due to symptoms of hypothermia and injuries caused by the change in temperature.

Rescue teams were sent after the weather changed at 13:00 local time, confirming the deaths of 21 runners at 8:00 the following day.

More than 700 people were involved in the rescue mission, recovering the remaining participants, with eight showing further signs of injury but in a stable condition.

According to the rescue team, the main issue came that the runners were wearing thin clothing which offered no protection to the cold.

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