Twitter explodes as Lionel Messi’s Barcelona career comes to an end

They say all good things have to come to an end…but we weren’t mentally ready for this.

Lionel Messi was always going to stay at Barcelona, right? He was going to be playing there until he could barely walk, still churning out brilliant performances in their famous jersey before instantly taking over as manager and leading them to even more success, right?


Well it’s all over. Barcelona have confirmed the club’s greatest ever player will not be signing a new deal and will subsequently be playing his football somewhere other than Camp Nou next season.

Barcelona confirmed in their statement regarding Messi’s departure that the reason he wasn’t signing a new deal was basically because they’re in financial ruin. Seems a bit weird? Surely they wouldn’t admit that?

Well, one other theory soon emerged and it’s a bit weird to say the least…

Once the news had been digested and a couple of hilarious theories were thrown about, attention soon turned to where Messi would be heading next.

With Manchester City immediately ruling themselves out of a move, Paris Saint-Germain are now firm favourites to secure his signature, but there’s plenty of other options out there if Messi fancies, erm, a challenge.

The one disturbing part of this whole Messi saga is that all of Twitter seems to be agreeing with each other. Everyone is in complete agreement that they’d love to see Messi at their club…this can’t be right?

Ahhh there we go, thanks Chelsea fans.

When a player of Messi’s quality suddenly comes onto the market it’s pretty much inevitable that the majority of the world’s top clubs will be desperate to sign him.

Pep Guardiola has reportedly already ruled out a move for the six-time Ballon d’Or winner, but if he has a sudden change of heart it could have huge ramifications for one man in particular…

The next few days will no doubt be spent reminiscing over the good times Messi brought to Barcelona, but when that’s all finished it’s important that we remember to take time to laugh at how funny it is that such an enormous football club are in this kind of mess.

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