Twitter reacts to (another) Champions League last 16 draw

Who could have predicted a seemingly routine Champions League last 16 draw spiralling into one of the craziest football news days in recent memory?

In case this farce passed you by, an error in the initial draw meant UEFA were forced to swallow their pride, pay Andrey Arshavin for a few extra hours work, and give it another go.


First out of the hat were RB Salzburg and Bayern Munich – a game that will almost certainly see the German champions hit double figures over the two legs – followed by Sporting CP vs Manchester City.

Social media was quick to point out that it was not the first time that Pep Guardiola’s side had been handed an easy draw in Europe.

Benfica vs Ajax was next up, giving out strong “are we sure this isn’t a Europa League tie?” vibes.

Then, in what we are dubbing the Joe Cole derby, Chelsea were drawn against Lille for the second time. On paper this might be the easiest tie possible with Les Dogues in disarray.

Managing to get the Ligue 1 side in both of Monday’s draw was remarkably lucky and Blues fans were quick to rub their opponents’ noses in it.

Next out of the hat were Atletico Madrid and, predictably, they drew the team they had been excluded from drawing during take one – Manchester United.

The tie was met with a mixed reaction on social media…

Villarreal vs Juventus came next. That won’t be very good for the neutral.

Inter vs Liverpool on the other hand, now that could be an all-time Champions League classic!

With 14 teams drawn, just two remained and boy, was it a funny tie. In the first draw Real Madrid were set to face Benfica.

Flash forward a few hours and they will now square off against Lionel Messi and Paris Saint-Germain. Oh dear.

No doubt we will be hearing from Florentino Perez on this matter soon…

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