Tyler Adams preaches patience to younger players looking for a move to Europe

USMNT player Tyler Adams kicked off his career with the New York Red Bulls as an academy product before joining Bundesliga side RB Leipzig in January 2019. 

The move gained international attention as the youngster joined the list of American talents abroad. Now, he has his own advice to the next crop of young USMNT and MLS figures looking to grow their careers overseas, stating “it’s all about timing.”


“I would definitely say from my perspective it’s all about timing, right? I think that when you’re a young player you get caught up on what the next best thing is,” he told the Football Americana podcast.

“It’s not necessarily always the best thing and I think that having a great support system is the best thing that you can have in this world because there’s a lot of people out there that don’t always have your best interest at hand.

“It has to be that way, unfortunately. But I think that when I was making the decision to come to Germany, it wasn’t the easiest one.

“You have options, you have people saying: ‘we’re the best club for you’. You have people saying: ‘this is the best club for you’.

“I ultimately decided to stay in MLS for three years and it was the best decision I made. I was able to get valuable experience under my belt. And then when I came to Germany, I just hit the ground running. It’s all about timing.”

Adams had the opportunity to move to Germany sooner, reminiscing on his trip to RB Leipzig’s installations in 2015 – only months after signing his first senior contract with the Red Bulls. Instead, he acclimated himself to Major League Soccer before ultimately taking the leap to the Bundesliga, a decision he still considers correct. 

Rumors continue to swirl around younger talents like Ricardo Pepi and Caden Clark as they thrive on a club and international level, with many sources tying them to European clubs. As flashy as the offers might be, Adams preaches time. 

“I think everyone has to have a little bit of patience, especially as a young player.”

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