UEFA launches concussion charter to protect players

UEFA has launched a concussion charter for both club and international competitions in order to provide more protection for players.

The governing body has urged clubs and national teams to sign the charter, which outlines the concussion procedures to be followed in cases of head injuries.


This includes a three-minute assessment from the team doctor following a head injury, the result of which will determine if the player affected should be allowed to continue.

UEFA has also encouraged the implementation of a medical video review system to provide doctors with as much information as possible. 

“Concussion is undoubtedly a serious injury which needs to be managed and treated properly,” said UEFA Medical Committee chairman Tim Meyer to the governing body’s official website.

“The health and safety of any players taking part in Europe’s club and national team competitions is of paramount importance not only to UEFA, but also to national associations across the continent.

“Although research studies report a low incidence in football, everyone should know how to react and what to do in the event of a concussion on the pitch.

“By signing this charter, clubs and national teams will demonstrate their support for UEFA’s concussion awareness activities and take a considerable step forward in helping to protect their players.”

This charter follows on from the International Football Association Board’s (IFAB) implementation of concussion substitutions, allowing a team to make up to two additional changes specifically in cases of head injuries.

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