UEFA prepare to change Champions League format

Champions League Up to 36 teams involved

UEFA prepare to change Champions League format
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The current Champions League format of four-team groups is set to make way for a new setup from summer 2024.

The proposal is currently being discussed and finalised by UEFA, who will need to convince clubs backing the European Super League to support the project.

UEFA’s top club competition will move from having 32 teams to 36 with sides being distributed by level and will only face other sides in the same category, meaning they have more of a chance of reaching the knockout stages.

The number of matches still hasn’t been decided and the calendar doesn’t allow for home and away games so there will have to be one-off fixtures.

The eight teams who top their groups will be guaranteed a place in the knockout round with the other eight entering a playoff.

This format will mean that the big sides will play each other more, but will still face up to smaller teams, with the idea being that all teams play at least six games againt those from their own category.

The biggest worry from those who are backing a Super League format is the economic side of things, with this Champions League proposal not reaching the 500 million euros figure promised to the winner of the Super League.

The increased number of matches, especially between the big sides, money from television rights and marketing will increase. This means that the winner will probably still take away more than the 100 million euros pocketed by the winner of the current competition.

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