UEFA reject court order to withdraw punishments for Super League rebels

UEFA are expected to reject a ruling from a Madrid court ordering the governing body to withdraw their disciplinary proceedings against Super League rebels Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid.

The three sides, who remain adamant that the Super League is alive and kicking, released a joint statement last week praising a court decision which meant they could not be punished for their plans to form the breakaway competition.

The Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona Club Badges


Real, Juventus & Barcelona are determined to form the Super League / Visionhaus/Getty Images

UEFA were warned that there would be serious consequences if they continued with their plans to punish the three teams, but according to The Times, Europe’s governing body are not scared of the threats and intend to push ahead.

The case is expected to go even higher to the European Court of Justice and UEFA believe that their actions will be justified.

UEFA are obviously not listening to that Madrid court, and La Liga president Javier Tebas recently admitted he can understand why, describing the whole thing as a ‘joke’.

“First of all, it’s the same judge as always, so he was always going to rule in a similar fashion,” Tebas said (via the Daily Mail). “If this particular judge has already made his views on the issue clear, he’s not going to change his mind. 

“It would be a joke if he did change his mind. In my opinion, the whole thing is a bit of a joke, but it would be even more so if he were to do that.”

UEFA are also believed to be unconcerned about Barcelona, Juventus and Real‘s plans to revamp the Super League in the near future, with sources close to the situation insisting that the severe fan backlash to the initial proposal means no clubs will want anything to do with a new breakaway plan.

Javier Tebas

Tebas was not convinced by the court ruling / Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

Until the three rebel sides agree to back down, UEFA are prepared to dig their heels in and push ahead with plans to punish the teams.

Financial sanctions are likely and there are also suggestions that the three teams and all their players could be banned from playing in official competitions like the Champions League, European Championships and even the World Cup.

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