Unbelievable: Draymond Green ejected for insulting a teammate

NBA Official thought Warriors star was addressing him

Unbelievable: Draymond Green ejected for insulting a teammate

Draymond Green has been tasked with advising rookie star James Wiseman, and he is somewhat short with him at times, and this led to him being ejected from Thursday night’s clash with the New York Knicks.

Green was insulting Wiseman to try and motivate him, but a nearby official actually thought the insults were being aimed at him so he ejected the player.

Steph Curry and coach Steve Kerr both tried to make the official understand the situation, but Green remained out of the game and his team ended up losing to a promising work-in-progress Knicks team 119-104.

Ben Taylor came out and told me it was a mistake, that John Butler didn’t realise Draymond was yelling at his teammate,” Kerr explained at half time.

“He thought he was yelling at him.

“Obviously, Draymond is one of our best players and one who can have a huge impact. This hurt us, but we were playing very badly to that point anyway.”

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