Weah: Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t the best, but he worked hard to become what he is

Serie A Praised the forward’s work ethic

Weah and Ronaldo
Weah and Ronaldo

Liberian president and football legend George Weah has praised the attitude and application of Cristiano Ronaldo, despite saying he isn’t the best player around.

Weah, who won the Ballon d’Or in 1995, is impressed by the way Ronaldo has worked to reached the top of the game.

Ronaldo is an example of how to combine hard work and passion for the game,” said Weah, speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“He’s not the best player in the world, but he trained hard to become what he is.

“I admire Ronaldo because he stayed humble and worked to earn everything he has. He fought hard to get to where he is.”

Weah won two Serie A titles with AC Milan and also spoke about the wisdom behind his former club signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Ibra is strong and believes in himself a lot, but there’s more behind all that,” said Weah.

AC Milan signed him because he can be very useful for the younger players. He’s an example and an inspiration for them.

“If you work hard and don’t lose the passion, age is just a number. Look at Vierchowood, Baresi and Paolo Maldini. All played at a high level until almost 40.”

Despite his association with AC Milan, Weah revealed he’ll be backing Juventus in their quest to make it 10 in a row.

“Firstly because it was the team I supported as a boy and secondly because they have won the Scudetto for the last nine years,” said Weah.

“I used to watch Serie A and French football in Africa.

“They showed images of Michel Platini and I became a Juventus fan. Then life took me to AC Milan where I found a family and a special environment.

AC Milan gave me everything, but I still support Juventus.”

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