What did Benzema say that Deschamps won’t forgive him for?

Real Madrid – La Liga A look back at the famous MARCA interview

Benzema posing for MARCA
Benzema posing for MARCA

On June 1, 2016, Karim Benzema spoke to MARCA in an exclusive interview and discussed Didier Deschamps‘ reasoning for leaving him out of the France national team squad list for Euro 2016.

Now, Deschamps has said that he’ll never forgive the player – who he hasn’t called up for France in the past five years – for those comments.

“It affects my name and my family, which is unacceptable,” he told RTL.

“Saying certain things can lead to verbal or physical aggression and I suffer the consequences. I can’t forget about that and I’ll never forget about that.”

Benzema was asked by Pablo Polo in the MARCA interview in 2016 if he felt Deschamps or the French federation president had taken the decision to leave him out of the Euro 2016 squad under pressure or against their will. He was also asked if he felt the coach was being racist, something that Eric Cantona suggested.

“No, I don’t think so, but he has bowed to pressure from a racist part of France,” Benzema said.

“You have to know that an extremist party reached the second round in the last two elections in France. I don’t know, therefore, if the decision was only Didier‘s because I have got on well with him and with the president.

“I don’t have a problem with anyone. In fact, they try to make out that I create problems, go looking for stories and that I’m never happy, but this isn’t true.

“I have more than 40 million fans on social media and they said that people don’t want me. That’s ridiculous.

“There has been a lot of pressure, of course, but that’s because some journalists have said things on television which aren’t true.

“I don’t know if the decision was Didier‘s or the president’s, but what I would like is that they make the decisions and don’t bow to pressure. And I think that’s what happened.

“Having said that, I am with France and I wish them all the best.”

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