Zambian coach suspended after urinating on goal post

The world’s a very different place to what it was 12 months ago, so much so that we seem to spend half our lives spraying anti-bacterial substances over our hands, our workspaces and even our shopping trolleys.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed goal frames receiving the same treatment prior to kick off and at half-time, with the footballing authorities desperate to curtail the spread of coronavirus during the game.

So, when you see the video of a Zambian goalkeeping coach marching towards the goalframe with a container of liquid in his hand, you’d be forgiven for thinking ‘good to see the the Zambian footballing authorities are taking the necessary precautions to stop the spread of this awful disease’.

However, you’d be wrong…

Charles Chileshe, the goalkeeping coach of Zambian Super League side Forest Rangers, is accused of having sprinkled an unknown substance around the goalframe prior to Forest Rangers’ clash with Prison Leopards, before urinating on the goal line… there’s no need to read that sentence again, you read it correctly – urinating. Doing a wee!

The coach was caught on video as he thrashed a bottle of liquid around the goal, before turning his back to the camera as he completed his routine by p*ssing on the post.

Chileshe has since been sanctioned, with the Zambian FA releasing a statements condemning his actions.

“The Football Association of Zambia has suspended Forest Rangers Football Club goalkeeping coach Charles Chileshe for unsporting conduct during a Super Division Week 13 fixture between Prison Leopards and Forest Rangers at President Stadium in Kabwe,” the statement read as reported by the New Daily.

“His actions have without doubt brought the name of the game into disrepute and therefore we have no option but to suspend Chileshe’s registration for the 2020/2021 season and his case shall be decided by the appropriate FAZ judicial body.

“This means that Chileshe cannot function as an official for your club in any capacity until his case is disposed of.”

The exact intentions of the coach are unknown. Whether the coach’s actions were done with the hope of bringing his team luck or just to make the opposition goalkeeper dive in p*ss, we’ll probably never know.

Regardless, it had little impact as Forest Rangers were beaten 2-0. What a p*sser.

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