Zidane the influencer: Brands pay 200,000 euros if he mentions them on social media

Real Madrid – La Liga According to study by Coach Reputation Ranking


Zinedine Zidane has a huge Instagram following of 27.8 million people and has the biggest influence of all top coaches.

Andrea Pirlo for example has 8.4 million followers, while Diego Simeone has 1.7. Pep Guardiola sits fourth in the ranking with 1.2 million while Koeman still hasn’t reached 1 million.

According to Coach Reputation Ranking, Zidane‘s huge audience means that he can charge companies a whopping 200,000 euros per post if he displays their brand on his feed.

Zidane already enjoys lucrative sponsorship deals with the likes of Adidas, but social media has allowed him to branch out. The Frenchman is a star both on and off the pitch.

Por ejemplo, Pirlo tiene 8,4 millones e fans, mientras que Simeone suma 1,7. Guardiola es cuarto en este particular ranking con 1,2, mientras que Koeman no llega todavía al millón. Unas cifras que le permiten a Zizou, siempre según este estudio, cobrar 200.000 euros por post a algunas marcas si las publicita en sus redes sociales.

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